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<td align="center"> Maggie --

A person who is constantly high

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High On Life Guys.
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cheerful cheerful
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Going for something different. No More Updates here.
Be In The Know Here:
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Ill be back in VA in the next few days. Ill probably be there for a month or so. See u all soon.
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So Ive been keeping up with the gym. Yay to me!
Jason and I went to a party at his friends house last Saturday. A guy told me its a waste that Im married and am way too pretty to be married. Gah! Seriously I know Im married and am supposed to be offended when guys talk to me like that but I dont think Ill ever be that way. A compliment is a compliment. Married or not I know I will always savor attention from the opposite sex. Its just the way Ive always been.
My Valentines Day was eh ok I guess. I woke up, got ready, went to work, worked all day, then went to dinner with my friend KJ at Dennys. I miss hanging out with him. Just with Jason home theres not much time for my male friends anymore.
Im excited I have tomorrow off of work. Yay. Hopefully Ill get my taxes all done tomorrow.
My life seems all lame and stuff right now. Im bored...something needs to change....

I found my new favorite picture of Karen O

Current Music:
"California Girls" - Beach Boys
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Josh and Joe arrived! Yay.
Since they've arrived we've just been playin rock band and drinkin.
Oddly enough I find myself NOT that enthused to be playing with more people.
Id rather just been sitting in this house by myself playing.
Its weird having not 1 but 3 boys here now. Its a lot to handle. Living by yourself for 6 months and now in less than a week there are now 3 other people. I mean yea Joe and Josh are only for a few days but I am still adjusting to Jason being here. I didnt realize it would throw me off them being here. I mean dont get me wrong love the guys and Im stoked they're here. Its just....I dunno....it throws me off.
And my mail box via the world wide web is seeming a lil empty these days.
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Gah Im so very stoked. Cant wait.

Saosin w/ Armor For Sleep on February 12th. haha sweet.
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"As angry as I sound, thats just the way I cover up the way I feel. Ive that way for years and years. A slave to broken hearts and sex appeal."

So I may possibly have some big news. Family and friends need to know first.

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"I keep a sinister smile and a hold of my heart. You want to get inside, then you can get in line. But not this time cause you caught me offguard.. "

Things are pretty confusing for me right now.
This Christmas is going to suck.
I wonder what he's doing?
Brand New is what im listening to right now.
Started writing again....My inspiration is surprisingly not what I expected.
My dog and cat are wrestling right now.
I feel like I got all dolled up tonight for nothing.
Theres plenty for me to do right now.
Just havent got the motivation to get up and do it.
I feel Im on a countdown for whats to come.
The thing is...I dont know what is it Im waiting for or whats coming.

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Thanksgiving was AWSOME. Midgey (my cousin Monica) came all the way out to Utah to visit lil ol me! It was soo nice to have family here. Dinner was at Brennas. I actually helped cook. Im becoming a little more domesticated...haha not really.

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